Omar Haidari

I have been volunteering for a year with a German organization which helps the migrants with the complicated asylum process, I learned and experienced a lot about the beliefs and thoughts of the hundreds of people I met and heard their stories during this one year. The majority of all the migrants who have come (and continue to come) to Germany are from the Muslim majority countries, which expelled their Jewish population a long time ago, where anti-semitism appears as the state’s propaganda, where the assumption of anti-semitism is widespread.

Indeed, it would be wrong to assume that every migrant carries the anti-semitic attitude, but it would be equitably erroneous to deny that the migrants have been deeply influenced by the anti-semitic environments in which they (we) were raised. we were taught to be anti-semitic, and Jewish are the enemies. In my land, when we want to reproach or blame someone for being wrong or a bad person, we call them (دوهی -Yahod-Jewish). Furthermore, the ongoing conflict and situation between Palestine and Israel have provoked the hostility twice more among the major Muslim countries, The extreme religious and domineering leaders who have been ruling these state for centuries finds the religion the easiest element to stay in power, staying united to other countries with the same ideology appraise the power. the only way to appraise and save the stability of their position was/is to join the group of anti-Israel lands. One of the obstacles of this propaganda is that the citizens of these countries are banned from traveling to Israel and there are no diplomatic relations between these countries, this kept growing the anti-semitic ideology for centuries now. When one lives in a country for decades, which has been told that Israel is number one enemy and Jews from the outside are all bad, then these people suddenly arrive in Germany and definitely have that memory in a part of their mind.

The taboos are being broken about expressions of anti semitism. It is like a pandora’s box, and suddenly the lid has been opened. It is coming from all directions, from all parts of the society, from the left from the right, from certain parts of the migrants based on their experience and environment they have been raised. There are conspiracy  theories from social media. The sheer dimension of the problem, I think, has simply become more apparent to everyone. Prejudice against these migrants adds to the elements of antisemitism. The new approach of the German government in the integration process which emphasis on educating the migrants on the German-Israel history, holocaust, liberal democratic values and then familiarizing them with the memorials concentration camps and memorials of them will bring a hope in decreasing the element of anti-semitism.

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