Mohanad Kaikanni

The existence of Israel is non-negotiable and to question it should no doubt count as Anti-Semitism. Yet, the systematic abuse of human rights in the name of a state is negotiable and should be discussed. In other words, if the rightful rejection of the debate about Israels’ existence is used for a systematic abuse of Palestinians political change is needed. Let me add that the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad also defended his existence and brutality by claiming that Israel would threat Syria and he would be only one to protect the Syrian and Palestinian people.

Omar Haidari

I have been volunteering for a year with a German organization which helps the migrants with the complicated asylum process, I learned and experienced a lot about the beliefs and thoughts of the hundreds of people I met and heard their stories during this one year. The majority of all the migrants who have come (and continue to come) to Germany are from the Muslim majority countries, which expelled their Jewish population a long time ago, where anti-semitism appears as the state’s propaganda, where the assumption of anti-semitism is widespread.

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